1992: Founder of KBS Club

1993: 1st Winner of Muslim Fashion Competition

1993: 1st Winner of Cepat Tepat in Garut

1995: Third rank in Penataran P4 Fasa Unpad

1995: Play role as Wekwek in a drama titled Tortor & Wekwek

1996: Runner Up of Photograpy Competition of Blue Hikers

1997: Founder of Sulthan Islamic Study Forum 

1997: General manager of campus magazine of L'Amitie

1997: Wrote a short story, composed poem antology

1998: Founder of Yayasan Mentari Indonesia

1999: Founder of Infitah

1999: Executif Director of BAKONLES (Badan Kontak Lembaga Strategis)   

2004: Founder of Caraka Organizer

2005: Organized four events of new year eve at four different spots

2005: Best Teacher of Try Out Index in Bontang

2010: Created Jingle and Video Ad of Indismart

2011: Telkomsel Trainer to Papua, Manado, Gorontalo, Makasar & Madura

2011: Founder of Zigra Aptha Nirbhaya

2012: Spartant Launching of Ertiga car in 12 cities in Kalimantan

2012: Created Video Ad of Mitra Suzuki

2014: Organized Rexa Expo

2014: Founder of Zigra Wisata

2016: Founder of Zigra Caraka

2016: Founder of Zigra Student Center 

2016 Best participant in an entrepreneuship training

2016 President of Motekar Parahyangan

2018 Founder of Hilal Club (Global Muslim Fellowship & Philantrophy)

2018 wrote a book about marketing for vocational senior high school

2019 Joined magister school in sustainable tourism

My Events

This is the events that involved with as organiser

My Videos

I have been producing or editing some videos. I uploaded them to Youtube. Click this link to see my video channel on Youtube. You can subscribe my channel to update about new videos upladed in the future.

My Powerpoint Presentations

This is is the link to see my powerpoint presentations on many topics. 

My Photographs

Pictures That I Shot

This is the list of Photograph That I Took. Add  Manage Items.

My Writings

From The Scratch To A Big Ideas

You can read some of my writings by clicking this link.

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